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The Pauly Shore podcast show . . . is me In studio with a co-host/intern/Producer/phone calls/audio drops/current events/music/guests and celebrity guests . . . all rolled up into an hour fun filled show!
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The Pauly Shore Podcast Show

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Aug 4, 2015

Ever wonder why your favorite Pauly Shore movies aren't on Netflix? Hits like Son In Law, Encino Man and In The Army Now. Well so did Pauly. That's why for this week's show we kidnapped Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos and interrogated him to find out what's the deal. After hours of brutal grilling Ted finally spilled the beans. He tells us why only Goofy Movie 2 and Stonerville are currently available, how the company makes 400-million a month and why Adam Sandler's next four movies will only be available on Netflix.